Egjipt, arrestohen të rinjtë, kërcyen “Harlem Shake” (Shiko Videon)

Egyptian police have arrested four students, who were naked with underwear jumping publicly "Harlem Shake", a dance that has become famous on the internet.

Pharmaceutics students have shocked residents of Cairo when started doing striptease and give the clothes, said a police official.

Egypt has strict laws for obscene acts.

Neighbors have begun to attack the young, who are accused of having committed a scandalous act.

While online is throwing a video that shows young people dancing before the pyramids "Harlem Shake".

Insanity "Harlem Shake" began after a group of teenagers from Australia posted online a video of them at the beginning of this month, jumping.

The trend has caught the web, while a few student was expelled in Alabama U.S. once tried to create the biggest video "Harlem Shake".